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Our History

In the past magnificent 50 years, Longking has witnessed the development and growth of China’s environmental protection industry. It has remained true to its founding mission of building a century-old national brand on our historical journey of the new era. It will continue to forge ahead towards the goal of becoming a globally competitive eco-environmental technology company.


Started as a silicon rectifier stack manufacturer

One of the first environmental technology companies in China

During the start-up period, the founders of Longking were brave and persistent. They overcame many obstacles and challenges with a pioneering spirit and blazed a new trial for the improvement of the environment.

In 1971

Longyan Radio Factory was established with approval from Longyan government.

In 1971

10 KV high voltage silicon rectifier stack, Longking’s first trial product, was successfully produced.

In 1972

Transistor HV generator, Longking’s first complete product, was successfully produced and became the first electronic product that Fujian Province sent to the Canton Fair that year.

In 1974

Silicon-controlled high-voltage rectifier developed independently by Longking has passed technical appraisement.

In 1976

The new company name of Longyan Air Purification Equipment Factory was put into used simultaneously with the name of Longyan Radio Factory.

In 1985

With electrostatic precipitator manufacturing technology introduced from GE America, Longking became China’s first manufacturer of electrostatic precipitators (ESPs) with top electromagnetic rapping.

In 1989

Based on GE’s technology, Longking successfully developed the pulse power supply for ESPs, a leading technology in China at that time.

In 1990

Longking undertook the research on wide-pitch standing-type ESP, a sub-project of a National Seventh Five-Year Scientific and Technological Research Project.

In 1993

The successful undertaking of 2×300 MW unit ESP project of Xiamen Songyu Power Plant pushed Longking into the new era of developing large-scale ESPs.

In 1998

Fujian Longking Co., Ltd. was established through restructuring.

In 1999

BE ESP was awarded the third prize of the National Scientific and Technological Progress Award.

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