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Flue gas desulfurization system

LongKing has introduced the German Lurgi Lentjes Bischoff wet flue gas desulfurization technology since 2001. After "introduction - Digestion and absorption – Re-innovation", LongKing launched a series of desulfurization technologies, such as “One scrubber with two reaction zones”, “One scrubber with three reaction zones”, “One scrubber with four reaction zones” and “Calcium alkali oxidized in the scrubber”, which are widely used in power industry, electrolytic aluminum industry and chemical industry.

Won 3 national and provincial science and technology progress awards, 76 authorized patents and 18 invention patents

350+ sets More than 350 sets have been applicated

Installed capacity of the power industry is 184 million kilowatts

Cumulative output of the electrolytic aluminum industry has reached more than 3 million tons/year

Accumulative total output of cement Industry is more than 45million tons/year

Key Technology

One scrubber with four reaction zones” High efficiency desulfurization technology

Ultra - clean emission technology of electrolytic aluminum flue gas

SK505 sulfur dioxide-particle integrationultra-low emission technology

  • System runs stably and reliably,the desulfurization efficiency of a single scrubber can reach more than 99.5%
  • The scrubber is divided into different reaction zones, which can break through the limitation of gas-liquid mass transfer double film theory of traditional wet desulphurization
  • Improve gas-liquid turbulence intensity, flow field uniformity and the desulfurization efficiency
  • Realize the synergistic treatment of ultra-clean desulfurization and dedusting in one scrubber
  • Enhance the oxidation crystallization process and avoid abnormal conditions of the slurry
  • Realize the coordinated removal of multi-pollutants such as sulfur, fluorine, dust ,etc
  • Optimize the welding process, Ensure the welding quality in strong magnetic field environment
  • The system has high reliability and good adjustment adaptability
  • Reverse double-cyclonic efficiency and efficiency desulfurization,Simultaneous multistage cyclonic aerosol and dust removal
  • Small increase resistance, less investment, short project period, simple operation and maintenance, low energy consumption
  • Desulfurizer and desulfurizing product gypsum can be recycled
  • After desulfurization wastewater treatment, the wastewater is directly sprayed to the clinkercooler

Classic Case

Jiahuwan power plant 2×1000MW ultra-supercritical coal-fired unit FGD project

  • Jiahuwan power plant 2×1000MW ultra-supercritical coal-fired unit FGD project

    Zhangze power plant 2×1000MW unit desulfurization island EPC general contracting project

    Datong Coal Mine Group Tashan Kengkou power plant 2×1000MW unit FGD project

    Baise Baikuang Group (Suyuan) electrolytic aluminum purification desulfurization ultra-low emission integration project

    SK505 sulfur dioxide particle integrationultra-low emission engineering for 12000td cement kiln in CONCH, Yangchun

  • SK505 sulfur dioxide particle integrationultra-low emission engineering for 3×5000td cement kiln in CONCH, Chaohu

    SK505 sulfur dioxide particle integrationultra-low emission engineering for 2×5000td cement kiln in CONCH, Digang

    Jiangsu Wangting power plant 2×1000MW unit FGD project

    Zouping Huicai New Material Technology Co., LTD. electrolytic aluminum FGD project

    Shaanxi Meixin Aluminum magnesium alloy Project electrolytic aluminum flue gas desulfurization EPC contracting project

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