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Solid and Hazardous Waste Disposal

sludge treatment and disposal

On the basis of introducing and absorbing advanced technologies which come from Germany, Japan and other countries, Longking has created a sludge treatment solution which is suitable for China. This solution reduces the sludge moisture content from 80% to 60%~10% and the maximum reduction rate can reach 78%, which can meet the treatment and disposal requirements of municipal sludge, industrial sludge and other sewage sludge, and further realize the resource utilization of sludge.

Key Technology

Vacuum-disk sludge drying technology

High efficiency and energy-saving belt sludge drying technology

  • Energy-saving: Intelligent load linkage control technology to energy consumption reduction
  • Durable: Disc edge replaceable with anti-wear jacket structure to avoid disc wearing
  • Safety: Automatic spraying safety and explosion-proof technology, suppressing dust and ensuring the system safety
  • High efficiency: increasing the heat-exchange efficiency by technologies of new scraper model device and spiral matrix type design, Instantaneous hydrophobicity of rotating discs innovation, siphon device for steam cooling water outlet etc.
  • Efficiency: CFD fluid simulation analysis technology is adopted to evenly distribute air and improve heat exchange efficiency
  • Energy-saving: energy cascade utilization technology
  • Intelligence:online monitoring of temperature, humidity and pressure, and automatic adjustment of mesh belt speed and mud inflow
  • Safety: low temperature heat exchange fully enclosed design to prevent odor leakage

Classic Case

Sludge drying project for Guangzhou CHP Power Plant, China Resources (Holdings) Company

  • Sludge drying project for Guangzhou CHP Power Plant, China Resources (Holdings) Company

    Sludge drying project for Huaiyin, China Huaneng Group

    Sludge drying project for Shenwan Ma’anshan, China Energy Investment Corporation

    Sludge drying EPC project for Grandblue Company

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