Business Portfolio

Water Pollution Control

Industrial Wastewater Treatment

Longking has in-depth cooperation with Tsinghua University, Hangzhou Water Treatment Technology Development Center, GE, Dow Chemical Company, Asahi Glass Company and other domestic and foreign scientific research units and well-known enterprises, and is committed to the standard discharge, reuse and zero discharge (including crystalline salt) business of industrial and mining wastewater. EPC, BOT, BOO and other business models can be provided to petrochemical, coal chemical, electric power, electronics, steel, mining and other industries.

Key Technology

Biochemical Upgrading Technology

Reclaimed Water Reuse Treatment

Zero Discharge of Industrial Wastewater

  • Nitrification and Denitrification Technology
  • Anaerobic Ammonium Oxidation Technology
  • MABR Efficient Denitrification Technology
  • Efficient Softening Settler
  • Reverse Osmosis Concentration Technology
  • Hybrid Ceramic Membrane Ultrafiltration Technology
  • Reverse Osmosis Concentration Technology
  • Multi-effect Evaporation and Concentration Technology
  • MVR Mechanical Evaporation Concentration Technology
  • Two-fluid Zero-discharge Technology for Desulfurization Wastewater
  • Rotary Atomization Zero Discharge Technology for Desulfurization Wastewater

Classic Case

Wastewater Zero Discharge Project for Tangshan Wanpu Thermal Power Co., Ltd.

  • Wastewater Zero Discharge Project for Tangshan Wanpu Thermal Power Co., Ltd.

    EPC Wastewater Treatment Project for Fuxin Special Steel Cold Rolling Production Line Public Auxiliary System

    EPCO Wastewater Advanced Treatment and Reuse Project for Phenol-cyanogen Wastewater of Baotou Steel Co. Ltd.

    BOT Project for Gasifier Ash Water Dehardening of Henan Jinkai Group

    BOT Wastewater Treatment Project for Oil-gas Exploitation Field in Ordos

  • Zero Discharge Project for Desulfurization Wastewater for Chaohu Power Plant 2x600MW units

    EPC General Contracting Project for Qinggangping Coal Mine Underground Water Treatment

    Zero Discharge Project for Desulfurization Wastewater of Luoyuan Power Plant 2x660MW Units Using High Temperature Flue Gas Spray Evaporation

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