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D-MEC Technology & Product

Taken the new high-efficiency flue gas circulating fluidized bed technology as core, Longking has integrated DPC pretreatment and ultra-clean fabric filter technology. For denitration, one or more combined processes can be applied such as low nitrogen combustion/COA/SNCR/SCR technology. A series of D-MEC solutions such as SSC/ASC/GSC/FSC can be provided for different fields to achieve multi-pollution treatment in flue gas and near-zero emission.

The overall technology has reached the international leading level

71 authorized patents (21 invention patents)

Nearly 100 ministerial and provincial awards

600 units of application, the total cumulative output exceeds 20 billion CNY.

Exceeding the national standard of ultra-low emission “50355+530”

  • NOx<50mg/Nm3

  • SO₂<35mg/Nm3

  • SO₃<5mg/Nm3

  • Hg<3ug/Nm3

  • No waste water

Application Fields

  • Coal Fired Boiler

  • Sintering and Pelletizing

  • Coking Furnace

  • Black Carbon

  • Aluminum Carbon

  • Glass Furnace

  • Catalytic Cracking

  • Waste Incineration

Classic Case

Huadian Zhangping Power Plant 2x300MW D-MEC Project

  • Huadian Zhangping Power Plant 2x300MW D-MEC Project

    Shougang Jingtang 2x500m2 Sintering D-MEC Project

    BaoSteel Ironworks 600m2 Sintering DeSOx and De-dusting Project

    Hanglian Power Plant 3x150th+75th CFB Boiler D-MEC Project

    Xinyang Power Plant 3x75th CFB Boiler D-MEC Project

  • Suotong Yunlv New-built Calcination D-MEC Project

    sinopec Jinmen 2.8 million TPY Catalytic Cracking D-MEC Project

    Kibing Group 21 glass kiln lines 600~1200td D-MEC Project

    Shanghai Cabot Carbon Black DeSOx and Dedusting Project

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