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Air Pollution Control

Intelligent Control System of Flue Gas Environmental Protection Island of Coal-fired Power Station

Relying on cutting-edge technical means such as artificial intelligence and big data, Longking smart environmental protection deeply excavates the operation data characteristics and potential laws of environmental protection equipment, integrates the knowledge system of industry experts, and forms an industrial level intelligent emission control and intelligent equipment operation and maintenance scheme. At present, it has been successfully applied to dozens of projects such as Huaneng Yuhuan Power Plant, Huadian Liuan Power Plant and Guoneng Jiujiang Power Plant, and achieved significant carbon reduction benefits. The intelligent environmental protection island optimization control system has won the "Industrial Internet Application and Best Practice Application Award of 2019".

Intelligent Dust Removal: saving energy consumption more than 1.6 million yuan per year and reducing carbon emission of 3500 + tons

Intelligent desulfurization: the material consumption cost is saved by over 700 thousand yuan per year and the carbon emission is reduced by over 2000 tons

Intelligent denitration: the ammonia escape rate is reduced by 10%, and the cost of denitration agent is reduced by 300+ thousand yuan

Key Technology

Intelligent Environmental Protection Island

Intelligent Dust Removal

Intelligent Desulfurization

Intelligent Denitration

Intelligent operation and maintenance

  • One-package solution for dust removal, desulfurization and denitration.
  • Joint intelligent monitoring of environmental protection indicators and equipment status
  • Collaborative optimization control of ESP, desulfurization and denitration
  • Accurate prediction of dust concentration
  • Intelligent optimization of operating parameters
  • 3D monitoring of equipment status
  • Fast identification of fault symptoms
  • Dynamic optimization of limestone slurry supply and regulating valve switch
  • Deep mining of optimal pump combination and pump slurry coordination strategy
  • Auxiliary regulation of material balance and hourly average emission
  • Auxiliary regulation of material balance and hourly average emission
  • Double closed loop control of denitration and NOx concentration at chimney outlet
  • Intelligent recommendation of total amount / zone ammonia injection machine
  • Dynamic adaptation of flow field and other characteristics
  • 3D monitoring of equipment status
  • Intelligent presentation - 3D dynamic display of equipment status to improve the convenience of monitoring
  • Intelligent operation - intelligent optimization of operation parameters to maximize energy saving and carbon reduction
  • Intelligent monitoring - accurate identification of abnormal signs of people / things / objects to ensure production safety
  • Intelligent maintenance - equipment deterioration analysis and expert knowledge map enabling condition based maintenance
  • Intelligent carbon control - accounting / monitoring / regulating carbon emission to achieve closed-loop carbon control

Classic Case

Intelligent environmental protection integrated display interface

  • Intelligent environmental protection integrated display interface

    Intelligent dust removal visualization page

    Intelligent desulfurization visualization page

    Intelligent operation and maintenance visualization page

    Longking equipment operation failure knowledge base

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